Eyelash And Eyebrow Tattoo

Eyebrow Tinting  




Eyebrow Tattoo  



Spa Pedicure Basics (15-20 Mins)  
Spa Pedicure Basics with Gel (15-20 Mins)  

* Polish remove

* Shape/cut toenails 

* Callus remover and foot file 

* Massage and polish.

Signature Pedicure (25-30 Mins)  
Signature Pedicure with Gel (25-30 Mins)  

Includes pedicure basic, plus: 

* Sugar scrub and one warm towel.

Lemon Pedicure (30-35 Mins)  
Lemon Pedicure with Gel (30-35 Mins)  

* Fresh lemon is added to help exfoliate rough and dry skin

* 5" massage with hot stones and 2 hot towels.

Paraffin Pedicure (40-45 Mins)  
Paraffin Pedicure with Gel (40-45 Mins)  

Include all the basic step 

* if you have dry and cracked feet, a paraffin pedicure provides incredible results, help soften and moisturize your skin 

* This special pedicure comes with 5 mins hot stone massage and a 5mins neck and shoulder massage.  

CBD Pedicure (45-50 Mins)  
CBD Pedicure with Gel (45-50 Mins)  

A CBD pedicure can improve the condition of ur feet' skin. It relaxes your feet and relieves pain along with healing your skin and repairing damage. 

* This pedicure comes with 5mins hot stone massage and 5" minutes neck and shoulder massage.

Synthetic Nail

Regular Polish  
Gel Polish  
Solar Powder  

Dipping Powder

Dipping Powder  

(There will be extra for take-off)

Kids Menu (10 And Under)

Pedicure & Manicure  


Eyelash (Individual)  
Tint Eyebrow  

We offer

* Free fixing for Arcylic Nail up to 3 broken nails within 5 days of completed service 

* 10% for the group party of 6 adults and more (must have appointments)